AGRO – Měřín, a.s.
Zarybník 516, 594 42 Měřín
Tel.: +420 566 501 231


The AGROMERIN Group is a leading provider of premium-quality foodstuffs in the Czech Republic.

AGRO - Merin, a.s, the parent company of the the AGROMERIN Group, was established in 1993 and, since that time, has grown to include a number of subsidiary companies working in a diverse range of areas including:

  • agricultural production (both livestock and crops)
  • meat processing (meat and meat products)
  • dairy processing (cheese, butter, curds)
  • potato, vegetable and fruit processing
  • viticulture

In addition, we also sell:

  • a range of industrial and mechanical lubricants
  • tyres
  • agricultural supplies

The AGROMERIN Group has built its reputation on blending old-fashioned know-how with the latest technology to provide its customers with products of exceptional quality. With a consolidated annual revenue of 3 billion Czech crowns, the AGROMERIN Group has grown in the last twenty years into one of the leading producers of foodstuffs in the Czech Republic.

The quality certification ISO 9001 established from the agricultural production over the commodities processing to the food production and the certification GLOBALG.A.P. or BRC serve as a proof for the quality and production safety compliance.